December 18th-20th 2014


•          The Abstract must be typed in English using the standard typeface of Times New Roman with 12 point font or typed in Arabic with simplified Arabic 12 B point font size within the lines of the form, clearly showing the content to be presented. Please visit the website WCEOC’2014 or ICHPER•SD for the official abstract form in MS WORD format.

•          Each person is permitted to submit and be FIRST author on only one abstract but may be a co-author of as many other abstracts as desired. The author named FIRST must submit the abstract and must be the PRESENTER at the Congress, assuming that the submitter has met all requirements; otherwise both the FIRST author and PRESENTER must register with the World Congress and ICHPER•SD as a member.

•          In cooperation with the Office of the President, the ICHPER•SD Middle East Regional Board of Governors is authorized to establish its own rules pertaining to the ICHPER•SD membership requirement for all authors listed in the Arabic abstracts and manuscripts.

•          Each Abstract submitter MUST indicate his/her presentation preference—ORAL Presentation Session, POSTER Presentation Session, and/or SYMPOSIUM/WORKSHOP Session.

•          The deadline for submitting an abstract without a manuscript is October 25, 2014. The deadline for submitting an abstract with the complete text of its manuscript is November 10, 2014. An abstract accompanying a complete manuscript must be submitted with proof of current ICHPER•SD membership and World Congress registration. The abstract will be accepted subject to the approval of the English Scientific Committee or Arabic Scientific Committee.

•          The Arabic Scientific Committee based at WCEOC’2014 of the Bahrain Olympic Committee in Bahrain or the English Scientific Committee based at the ICHPER•SD Headquarters in the U.S. will inform all submitters whether their abstract has been accepted or rejected within two weeks from the date of receipt of each abstract.

•          The abstract must be informative, double spaced throughout, and contain a general description, relevance of the subject, or a statement of the study’s specific objectives, a statement of methods, and a statement of results.

•          The Publication Manual, 6th Edition, of the American Psychological Association (APA) is the officially adopted standard for all ICHPER•SD publications (i.e., ICHPER•SD World and Regional or Conference Proceedings, the Journal of ICHPER•SD, the ICHPER•SD Journal of Research, the ICHPER•SD Africa Regional Journal of Research, the ICHPER•SD Asia Journal of Research, etc.)


Submit all Abstracts & Manuscript in English To: ICHPER•SD  Headquarters

1900 Association Drive, Reston, Virginia 20191-1598,

USA E-mail:

Phone: (703) 476-3462

Fax: (703)476-9527