December 18th-20th 2014


I would like to welcome all of you to 56th ICHPER•SD Anniversary World Congress. I’d also like to acknowledge Bahrain Olympic Committee & Kingdom of Bahrain for hosting  our  World  Congress  this  year.

Since 1958, ICHPER•SD has contributed to sports professionals, scholars, teachers, and coaches. ICHPER•SD helped produce quality physical education and served professionals in more than 204 countries around the world. The World Congress has always impacted the development of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport, and Dance in the world and in the eight regions. HPERSD was an integral part of the positive improvement of individuals.

Our theme “Towards Building a New International Sport System” can adjunct a series of interconnected questions. First, how can we raise enough funds to support general and professional sports internationally, specifically in countries with restrained public funding? How can we make more training facilities and infrastructure available? Commercial sponsors should be encouraged to support sports on national and international levels. We should provide methods to enable funds to contribute to talent production process and less culturally significant sports as well.

How can we attain flexible harmony in the body of our various sports organization, commercial partners and media? Harmony will enhance long-term policy development, functional  communication  and  inhibit tasks  overlapping. 

How can we boost participation in sport? How can we provide early high quality programs with planned outcomes i.e. at schools to enable mass participation and talent development? This carries us to another question. How can we identify talent in time and provide an effective development system appropriate to the age and level? How can we provide sufficient numbers of well experienced trainers? This mandates professional trainers’ development opportunities, funds and recognition.

How can athletes participate more adequately in international competitions? How can we expand national competitions with standards similar to those in international events?

How can scientific research meet every step of sports development? Organizations and sports professionals should be able to incorporate research into the international sport system.

As we answer these questions and the other questions which will be introduced during this World Congress. We will surely be able to connect the dots and answer our bigger question “How can we build a new International Sport System?”