December 18th-20th 2014


I am very pleased to have you all here in Bahrain to take part in the 56th edition of the ICHPER•SD Anniversary World Congress and Exposition, which is being held in the kingdom for the first time. This congress is an awakening momentum towards the Olympic movement of Bahrain and the various initiatives undertaken by The Ministry of Education to develop and improve the physical education program for all stages.

This four-day congress will focus on a new theme titled ‘Towards building a new sports system’, and mainly aims to embrace the Olympic movement by examining the academic field of concern and the scientific aspects of sports and social development in addition to other important topics that will be covered such as sports marketing and sponsorship issues.

In this edition of the congress, we are excited to be covering some significant topics such as promoting an active lifestyle and its importance in relation to personal, physical and mental health; furthermore we will also be covering areas that stress the importance of promoting an active and inspired community.

Bahrain has successfully managed to bring together a rich variety of industry experts all under one roof to discuss the topics that will be featured in this edition of the conference. The participants will include sport scientists, researchers, sport event managers, sports facilities and equipment managers, sport marketers and customers.

We believe that through this congress we can use the knowledge obtained to enhance the role of sports in supporting the development of individuals physically and mentally, forming solidarity and interaction within the community and accelerating communication processes and multifaceted interaction,  all with the ultimate goal of improving our quality of life.

I am extremely pleased to congratulate everybody taking part in this congress for their support and wish a pleasant event for all our guests coming to our country, the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Moreover, I would like to extend my appreciation to the organisations, institutions and media involved in the youth and sport sector, for their valuable contributions.